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CMP Clicks & Bricks GmbH is a subsidiary that markets the products and services developed by CMP International AG that enable effective digital business in the B2G, B2B and B2C segments.
Our communication and trading platform, Clicks & Bricks links the “digital world” (clicks) with the “real world” (bricks). Cities and their citizens, companies, associations, organisations and networks are all connected on a single platform. The platform is tailor-made for each customer and highly efficient.

Access to new markets and customers. From regional to global through innovative forms of marketing.


The CRM solution from CMP International AG is ERP/CRM software developed in-house, which can be integrated into various front ends: social media modules, online shop modules and client-specific solutions for data and billing management. Businesses, public and non-profit organisations have benefited from the unprecedented perspective of the platform solution.
The major USP of the IT portfolio is the focus on real needs in the digital environment of life and work.
CMP International AG’s Clicks & Bricks platform sets a new benchmark in the networking of digital solutions.

it’s clicks & bricks

Digitisation business models

Solutions provided by CMP International AG and our partners offer customers the opportunity to implement a fully comprehensive digitisation strategy. We provide a range of individual added-value components and advantages for municipalities, cities, companies, non-profit organisations and end-customers based on target group-specific customer analysis.

The technology focuses primarily on the following business models:

Communications and trading platform



Commercial processes for businesses

Industrial processes

The interaction between cities, municipalities, companies, your employees and citizens will be digital in future.


Communication and trading platform

  • Scalable "clicks & bricks" solution
  • Revival of the inner cities
  • Ad-hoc marketing for local and global trade
  • Regional, national and international networking
  • Passive matching
  • Added values for individuals (e.g. citizen services)
  • Comprehensive service solutions for digital management


  • Immediate and sustainable cost savings
  • No investment and operating costs
  • Automated reporting
  • Sustainable products
  • No training needs for users
  • Immediate use as a B2B purchasing platform
  • Immediate use as a B2G purchasing platform (award-compliant)


  • Input management
  • Digital purchase invoice processing
  • Document management
  • Session management
  • Digital citizen services
  • Object management
  • Flexible process management with ACM
  • Digital personal files

Commercial processes for companies

  • Content management system
  • Intranet as a social media tool
  • Modular system
  • Can be integrated with existing software

Industrial processes

  • Software for flexible and strategic maintenance processes
  • Industry
  • Waste and supply companies
  • Water industry
  • Wind energy

Creating a digital future to facilitate interaction between associations, group structures, societies and their members.

Digital Solutions

1. Bind and gain members

Networking in the digital world allows you to assume the role of the association as a service provider for your own organisation. Your members will automatically be included in the interaction and can take advantage of and share all the benefits, events and activities in fractions of a second. Our digital solutions offer opportunities to use new communication channels to attract members.

2. Networking, communication, dialogue

Information, communication, dialogue, interaction with and within the organisation are an integral part of our digital solution. You can use all the options and possibilities offered by the platform quickly and easily with just one click. New discussion and interest groups may also be formed.

3. Commercial benefits

Our solution not only enables users to explore new ways marketing, but they will also benefit from the numerous affiliate programmes and will therefore directly participate in revenue. Our own shop and bonus systems will enable both you and your members to take advantage of numerous financial benefits.

Provide training, education and information on all the digital channels.

United Studios

Our strength and passion are dedicated to achieving efficient and sustainable communication in the digital age.
We inspire, motivate and train with precision, and use all the channels to target your core messages with pinpoint accuracy. Our no. 1 objective is to inspire your customers.

We work with our partners to offer customers a comprehensive digitisation strategy.

Our partners

Would you like to learn more about our digitisation strategy?

CMP International community

For more information on our CMP Clicks & Bricks please contact us at:

CMP Clicks & Bricks GmbH
Löhestraße 18
53773 Hennef
Tel.: +49 2242 96976-30
Fax: +49 2242 96976-33
A CMP International AG company
District court of Siegburg, HRB 14675
CEO: Wolfgang Adams


CMP Clicks & Bricks GmbH
Löhestraße 18
53773 Hennef

Tel.: +49 2242 96976-30
Fax: +49 2242 96976-33


Wolfgang Adams

District court of Siegburg, HRB 14675

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2. how we process your data when you visit our website,
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1. Controller responsible for processing your data and contact

CMP Clicks & Bricks GmbH („we“) is the controller responsible for processing your data as described in this document. You can contact us at:

General contact
CMP Clicks & Bricks GmbH

Löhestraße 18
53773 Hennef

Tel.: +49 2242 96976-30
Fax: +49 2242 96976-33


Questions pertaining to data protection
CMP Clicks & Bricks GmbH

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Fax: +49 2242 96976-33


2. How your data is processed when visiting

For which purposes do we process your data?

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This connection data and any form data is processed to enable you to visit our website and to achieve the purpose of your visit to the site (e.g. establishing contact with us).

Furthermore, we record each server contact in a log file. We use this log file data for technical troubleshooting purposes as well as to prevent illegal access to our systems. We also use it to examine such illegal access and to prosecute any persons responsible for it. On top of that, we also use the log files that have already been saved to generate evaluations that we use to optimize our website. Any such evaluation is anonymous. It takes place via summarizing access data which renders the results totally impersonal.

Are you required to give us your data and what would be the results if you do not provide us with them?

You are obviously not obliged to visit our website. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use our website without the data mentioned above being processed.

What is the legal basis upon which we process your data? What are our legitimate interests in doing so?

The legal basis of any processing of your data that takes place is dependent on the reason for your visit to our website:

– If you are visiting our website to look at our products and perhaps enter into a contract with us, the legal basis for the processing of your connection data and any form data is in accordance with Art. 6, subparagraph 1 (b) of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) – processing that is necessary for the initiation or bringing about of a contract.

– Otherwise, the processing generally takes place based on our legitimate interests in accordance with Art. 6 subparagraph 1 (f) GDPR. Our legitimate interests consist of operating a website for advertising purposes and for general informative and communicative purposes relating to our business aims.

Processing of the log file data generally takes place based on our legitimate interests in accordance with Art. 6 subparagraph 1 (f) GDPR. Our legitimate interests consist of protecting our installations and systems from attack and to prosecute any attackers as well as to further develop the business goals of our websites.

Who is involved in processing my data?

Essentially, the processing of your data takes place fully automatically on our web server. This is hosted by Web-Hoster Variomedia AG, August-Bebel-Straße 68, 14482 Potsdam on the basis of job processing in accordance with Art. 28 GDPR. Log files are only used exceptionally by our IT department (as may be the case when troubleshooting or clarifying attacks); these logfiles may be transferred to public offices such as law enforcement agencies and courts. They would then be used to examine or trace illegal attacks on our systems.

Any form data is, like connection data, regularly only processed by our webserver (such as would be necessary for a search function) or it may be forwarded to internal or external recipients for the purposes necessary for each function.

How long is my data stored?

The log file data is stored for 3 months. Connection data is deleted directly after the HTTP/S has been called up. Form data is saved for as long as is necessary for the relevant action.

3. Processing of your data when communicating with us

For which purposes do we process your data?

If you contact us with an issue or we contact you, we process personal data such as name, address, telephone number as well as the content of the communication. This is all saved to enable us to communicate with you.

We only use this communication data for the purpose of the communication itself and most notably, to deal with your request. On top of that, we process communications data to comply with any legal storage requirements.

Are you required to give us your data and what would be the results if you do not provide us with them?

You are obviously not obliged to contact us. However, we can only process your enquiry if you give us sufficient information to do so.

What is the legal basis upon which we process your data? What are our legitimate interests in doing so?

– Your data is processed on the basis of Art. 6, subparagraph 1 (b) GDPR, inasmuch as the data is being processed in order to initiate or bring about a contract with you.
– Otherwise, the legal basis depends on the actual reason for the exchange. In most cases, Art. 6 subparagraph 1 (f) GDPR will be applicable (our legitimate interest to carry out business correspondence or to respond to enquiries regarding data protection and to fulfil your rights in accordance with subparagraph 4).
– Where further processing takes place to comply with a legal storage period, the legal basis Art. 6 subparagraph 1 (c) GDPR in conjunction with the relevant applicable storage periods applies (especially §§257 of the German Commercial Code and §147 of the German General Fiscal Code)

Who is involved with the processing of my data

– The department that is responsible for communication with you or that is responsible for your enquiry.
– Any associated companies, where the enquiry is relevant for them

How long is your data saved?

Communication data is deleted as soon as it is no longer necessary for communication with you and once any legal storage periods have expired. For business communications such as e-mails this is normally six years after the end of the year in which they were received.

4. Your rights with regards to the processing of your data.

Whenever we process your data, the law states that you have a right
of information and access (Art. 13-15 EU GDPR)
to rectification of incorrect or completion of incomplete data (Art. 16 EU GDPR)
to erasure; this especially applies for data that is no longer necessary (Art. 17 EU GDPR)
restriction of processing (Art. 18 EU GDPR)
to object to the processing of your data, in particular if that processing is based on legitimate interests of controller (Art. 21 EU GDPR)
to data portability, as long as the processing is taking place with your consent or to fulfil a contract and is carried out using automated means (Art. 20 EU GDPR)

Where your data is being processed with your consent (Art. 6 subparagraph 1 (a) or Art. 9 subparagraph 2 (a) GDPR), you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. This does not affect the legality of any processing that took place before you withdrew your consent.
You may contact us as described in section 1 / „Enquiries regarding data protection” to obtain further information on your legal rights under the law and to exercise them. You may also direct complaints to directly us or to the relevant regulatory authority. For us, this is the State Representative for Data Protection and Information Freedom, North Rhine-Westphalia Postfach 200444, 40102 Düsseldorf,

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